2 choices to host your parties

1. Group Parties or 2. Full Facility Rentals

Terms and conditions apply.

Party Room Packages

Party Room Promotional Package (10pax) WeekdaysWeekends/PH
1hr jumpTHB 4,100THB 4,700
Jump for 1hr and use room for 2hrs from start of jump time
2hr jumpTHB 5,300THB 6,200
Jump for 2hrs and use room for 3hrs from start of jump time
Up to 10 jumpers, additional jumpers may be added to package. 10 pairs of AMPED grip socks OR 10 cans of soft drinks OR in any combination. Food and drinks allowed and must be consumed in the party room
Additional per jumper price (excluding socks)1hr-THB 230
2hr-THB 380
1hr-THB 290
2hr-THB 480
All booking enquires via email only. Please contact We only take bookings up to 30 days in advance. The promotion is limited time offered.
*Terms and conditions apply, see below

 *Terms & Conditions: Group parties are allowed during general admission hours. You are welcome to email us to check on table/room availability; if not already taken and no private events follow we will assign/reserve for you. You must adhere to the food policy stated above. Any other form of entertainment is not allowed as it is disruptive to general admission guests. If a single group utilizes all remaining slots we may at our discretion unlock additional space to accommodate other general admission guests. Our waiver policy for this type of event is the same as it is for all general admission guests but if it just must be a surprise or there are other extenuating circumstances, feel free to email us. We’ll discuss the Large Group Waiver option case by case. Note the booking calendar always unlocks one month ahead of now. If you know two months in advance that you will have your event at Amped and you are not choosing the full facility rental option, you must still wait for the calendar to unlock before you can book. Do not send out party invitations until you have secured your slots as full facility bookings can be reserved beyond the calendar and it is possible your first choice time has been taken already. If your party is still more than two weeks away and you need to change the time and date please email us. If less than two weeks there will be no credited time given. VERY IMPORTANT: Your party MUST take place during an age appropriate category. If you show up with 15 small children during a twelve and older session you will be turned away. It isn't fair to the other customers who paid for a specific age category experience.


Full Facility Rental

Promotional Package WeekdaysWeekends/PH
2 Hours PackageTHB 50,000THB 61,000
Recommended max capacity (all guests) : up to 120 PAX
Recommended max jumpers at any given time : 65 PAX
Included :
65 pairs of socks (worth 5,200 THB) and FREE water for all guests!!
NOTE: For Full Facility Rental, the session would start at half hour marks. for an example 12.30PM - 2.30 PM for 2 hours rent.
All booking enquires via email only. Please contact The promotion is limited time offered.*Terms and conditions apply, see below

By choosing full facility rentals, you get exclusive use of the entire facility. Please do note that all event activities including non-jumping activities must happen during your reserved time and guests need to vacate promptly to allow general admission sessions to resume as normal. You may cater food and drinks, bring in cake, magicians, guest speakers, projectors, anything. It is up to you as long as it does no damage to the facility. Alcohol drinks are restricted in the facility. You are encouraged to stop by for a look at the space first if unsure. Amped staff will be onsite throughout the event for safety and support only. Please email us for reservations and a Large Group Waiver option. We do not offer full facility booking for a single hour. Reservations are 100% refundable if cancelled two weeks in advance, 50% refundable if cancelled one week in advance, and 0% refundable if cancelled less than one week in advance.